Sunday, November 28, 2010

How To Replace the Dual CCFL Backlights on an HP DV9000 17" LCD Laptop

While I was watching a web video on my TV using the HDMI from my HP DV9000 laptop, my LCD screen blinked out a few times and then stayed out. The TV still showed a picture so I knew it wasn't my graphic chip. After some web research, I looked closely at the LCD screen to see if a faint image of the operation system existed, which it did. That indicated that nothing was wrong with the LCD screen and that the problem was either the CCFL inverter or the CCFL lamps.

I first replaced the dual inverter because it was easier to replace then the CCFL backlights but that didn't fix the problem. I then replaced the CCFL backlights which took me about 2 hours after the LCD screen was removed. I went very slow to make sure I didn't cause any other problems and to recover the silver tape so it was reusable.

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Following are some notes and pictures showing how I disassembled and replaced the dual CCFL backlights on my HP Pavilion DV9000 17" LCD Laptop.

A few notes worth mentioning:
  • Make sure that while you are working, to not let the multiple layers of the LCD screen separate or dust may get between the layers.
  • The metal sheets are held in place by sticky glue that you need to pull apart before they can be removed. I found a large razor blade to be of some help for this.
  • You should test the new inverter and 2 CCFL tubes before going to the trouble of disassembling the LCD screen (See picture below).
  • Cut off the extra leads on the CCFL tubes so there is just enough to solder on the wires. To add more lead surface area I bent the tube leads up and cut them flush with the top of the tube.
  • Most brands of LCD laptop use the same CCFL tube types, so most of the CCFL tubes sold are the same and can be used in all brands of LCD laptop, only the SIZE makes any difference.
  • From what I read on the web it seems to me that most of the time when the LCD screen is good but does not light up the problem is with the CCFL lamps and not the inverter.
  • I replaced the inverter from this eBay seller cknappsalesinc (T18I085.00 NEW HP Pavilion DV9000 LCD Inverter - DUAL!).
  • I replaced the dual CCFL backlights with 2 standard CCFL tubes 375mm x 2.0mm from this eBay seller: toosell2009 (New Laptop LCD Screen Backlight CCFL Tube 375mm x 2.0mm).


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