Friday, November 21, 2008

How To Run Programs From The Visual Studio Solution Explorer Window

Here is the macro that I found on the internet that will run a program from the Visual Studio Solution Explorer window.
The following instructions will show you how to install the macro to the Right Click Context Menu.
1. Open any Visual Studio project. Press Alt-F11 to launch the Macro IDE.
2. In Macro IDE Project Explorer window, right click MyMacros and select Add Existing Item then add the RunCommand.vb program to the project. Save MyMacros and then close the Macro IDE.
3. In Visual Studio select Tools / Customize dialog box. Select the Toolbars tab and then check the Context Menus checkbox.
Context Menu
4. You should see a new toolbar appear under the top menus (See below). Notice the toolbar option "Project and Solution Context menu - > Item".
5. From the Customize dialog box select the Commands tab.
6. Select Macros in the Categories window then find the RunCommand macro.
7. Drag the macro into position over top "Project and Solution Context menu - > Item" and place it somewhere near the top of the context menu.
8. Right click the Macros and change the Name to Run.
9. Close the Customize dialog box and your done.
Context Menu2

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